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Delmolino Plumbing Rents and Sells Puritan Water Softners in Anderson, Indiana.

So, how do you know that your family in Anderson, Indiana could benefit from the installation of a water filtration system in the first place? Signs to look for include:

  • Cloudy drinking water
  • Floating particles
  • Water that gives off an unpleasant odor (such as a “rotten egg” smell)
  • Water that tastes disagreeable
  • Rust stains inside your sinks, tubs, and toilet bowls (a sign of high iron content)
  • Difficulty getting soaps and shampoos to lather well (a sign of water hardness)

Unfortunately, not all water problems are so readily apparent, which is why it’s important to have your water professionally tested. Only an in-depth water analysis can reveal what’s actually in your water on a microscopic level. Common contaminants include iron, lead, manganese, magnesium, calcium, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Delmolino Plumbing will have the solutions to help you and your family with any of your water needs. Call us today at 765-643-3375 to schedule a free consultation.

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